Jimandzetta.com is a registered business in Tarrant County, Texas. Website & content © 2009-2014. All rights reserved

Jimandzetta.com is a registered business in Tarrant County, Texas. Website & content © 2009-2014. All rights reserved
The Apple iPad is without doubt one of the best ebook readers on the market. It provides a polished, well-presented reading experience. There are over 200 million iGadgets in the world, and while Apple doesn’t release figures on how many ebooks they sell, there’s little doubt this is a market that serious authors need to consider. BUT - you can’t upload to the iBookstore without a MAC and that’s a major obstacle for PC owners.
Using a PC you can open and manage an itunes content provider account (if you have a US bank account and US address), but you just can’t upload to iBooks because the interface requires the MAC operating system.

Authorised Apple aggregators can get your book onto iBooks, but they do so by either taking a large fee (as much as $149.00) or taking a per-sale commission (usually around 30%, and with Apple taking 30% it doesn’t leave you much!), so if you’re a PC owner with books you’d love to get on the iBookstore your hands are tied - unless you let us help you!

Our Apple Upload Service

How does it work?
1) You open your own itunes content provider account. This gives you ownership of and full access to your own account with Apple and means you don’t have to divulge sensitive personal information to anyone else. You’ll need a US bank account and associated US mailing address.
2) We setup each title with full metadata and upload the epub file(s) for you via your account (this is the step you need a MAC for).
3) You receive any sales revenue directly to your account - as set up in your itunes content provider account. You can manage the account fully using your PC, see and print sales reports, bank money, and monitor progress of newly submitted titles (Apple does take a number of days to process new titles).

What does it cost?
We charge $50.00 to upload your file to your account using our hardware. That’s a far cry from the $149.00 charged by some aggregators, and which doesn’t give you your own account. It includes full title setup and uploading of the epub file, and troubleshooting of any issues if we have converted your epub file.

To apply or for more information, please email jim(at)jimandzetta.com

Disclaimer - We can’t guarantee that your own epub file we upload on your behalf will be accepted by Apple. This is simply a title setup and upload service for those who don’t have use of a MAC (except if we have converted your file). Apple have strict file validation criteria and epub files must, at the very least, pass the IDPF epubcheck.  The fee you pay us will include a further two uploads of revised epub files. We also have no control over how long it takes from submission for a title to appear in the iBookstore. Feedback suggests that it can take up to two weeks or more for a title to go through the Apple “review” process. Progress can be monitored in your account.
Not got a MAC?

You can still reach iBooks readers for just